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3D models of Speothos pacivorus 

Published today, at the online journal MorphoMuseuM, a short paper on the holotype of the Pleistocene bush dog Speothos pacivorus. The holotype of this Brazilian taxon was collected by Peter Lund in the 19th century (at the Lagoa Santa Karst), and it has been housed at the Peter Lund/Quaternary Collection of the Natural History Museum of Denmark since then. Now, the 3D models of the specimen are also available online.

Fieldwork in Monte Alto

The first ever fieldwork of the MacroPaleo Lab! We (Pedro and Thayara) spent one week in Monte Alto (SP), prospecting for fossils in the Late Cretaceous rocks of the Bauru Group. Although we didn't find any taxonomically significant fossils, we brought some samples to São Paulo for geochemistry analyses. Thanks to Thiago and Donato (members the Paleolab-USP/RP) who were also part of the crew. 

Fernanda Landim.jpg
Fernanda's project was funded!

We were delighted with the big news this Friday! Fernanda's undergrad project was funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). She will be investigating the extinction patters (and  possible drivers) in sloths. It is also the first time a project from the MacroPaleo LAb is funded by FAPESP. Art by Mauricio Antón.

29-03-11 Marilia visit.jpeg
Visit to the Paleontology Museum of Marília

Pedro and Daniel wen to city of Marília to visit the local Museum of Paleontology. The director, William Nava, showed us many different fossils collected by him during the last decades. We also really enjoyed the refurbished exhibitions, which reopened two years ago. We are eager to new collaborations that will come! 

24-03-11 MZUSP visit_edited.jpg
Visit to the Museum of Zoology

Last Sunday, we had a lovely lab get-together at the Museum of Zoology of the University of São Paulo. Almost every lab member joined us to see some very cool taxidermied animals and nice casts of fossils (including this Tapuiasaurus behind us). We also really enjoyed the temporary exhibition on electric fish! 

New Syrian elasmosaurid plesiosaur

The most complete (and possibly the oldest) plesiosaur from the Middle East was described (access it here) by an international team led by Dr Wafa Alhababi, a Syrian-Brazilian paleontologist, with the participation of Pedro Godoy. It's the first of a series of studies led by Wafa on Syrian vertebrate fossils. Paleoart by Júlia D'Oliveira.

paleoart felipe elias.jfif
Description of a juvenile baurusuchid

And the first lab paper of the year goes to... Daniel dos Santos! This is one of the results of Daniel's PhD, completed in the end of 2023. In this new paper (access it here), Daniel and colleagues provide a very detailed cranial and postcranial description of a juvenile baurusuchid, also using CT-data. This amazing paleoart was done by Felipe Alves Elias.

daiso dinos.jpeg
New lab members!

It's a shame there were no crocs available, but the new members are still a great acquisition. Thanks Ana Clara and Thayara for assembling them!

sala 118_edited.jpg
sala 188 2.jpeg
New office!

Our lab got a new office (room #118), which will be used by students and postdocs. On February 5th, everybody got together to help cleaning and organizing the office. The result was great!

Paleonatal 2023.jpeg
First ever "Paleo-Natal"!

On December 2023, we had our first end-of-year celebration, the "Paleo-Natal" (paleo-Christmas). Many more  will come! It was also the first time we met Thayara, our future postdoc, in person.

MacroPaleo Lab website launched!

Nearly 8 months after the lab was created, the website is finally launched! Now we can use the full potential of this amazing logo, which was designed by Miranta Kouvari (check her website: Here you will find lab news, information about team members, all of our publications and photos of cool fossils and fieldworks. I really hope to keep it up-to-date!

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