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Artigos científicos


[29] Rothier PS, Fabre AC, Benson RBJ, Martinez Q, Fabre PH, Anelli V, Godoy PL, Hedrick BP, Herrel A. The adaptive landscape of mammalian morphological evolution is shaped by locomotor mode. Em revisão.
[28] Fachini TS, Montefeltro FC, Godoy PL, Langer MC. Cranial morphology and phylogenetic reassessment of Barreirosuchus franciscoi (Crocodylomorpha, Notosuchia), a Peirosauridae from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil. Em revisão.
[27] Ruiz, JV, Queiroz MVL, Martins KC, Godoy PL, Iori FV, Montefeltro FC, Bronzati M. A new Peirosauridae (Crocodyliformes, Notosuchia) from the Adamantina Formation (Bauru Group, Late Cretaceous), with a revised phylogenetic analysis of Sebecia. Em revisão.
[26] Dunne EM, Chattopadhyay D, Dean CD, Dillon EM, Godoy PL, Smith JA, Raja NB. Data equity in paleobiology: Progress, challenges, and future outlook. Em revisão.
[25] Ruiz JV, Ferreira GS, Machado FA, Kyriakouli C, Godoy PL, Gundlach C, Castro MC, Montefeltro FC. The lost jackals from the Brazilian caves: insights on the taxonomy and palaeoecology of Pleistocene bush dog Speothos pacivorus (Carnivora: Canidae). Em revisão.
[24] Leardi JM, Pol D, Montefeltro FC, Marinho TS, Ruiz JV, Bravo GG, Pinheiro AEP, Godoy PL, Nicholl CSC, Lecuona A, Larsson HCE. Phylogenetic taxonomy of Notosuchia (Crocodylomorpha; Crocodyliformes). Em revisão.
[23] Bronzati M, Vieceli FM, Godoy PL, Montefeltro FC, Nassif JPM, Ribeiro D, Botezelli VS, Yan CYI, Werneburg I, Kohlsdorf T. Fossils, embryos, and the deep time origin of tympanic hearing in crown reptiles. Em revisão.
[21] Alhalabi WA, Bardet N, Sachs S, Kear BP, Joude IB, Yazbek M, Godoy PL, Langer MC (2024). Recovering lost time in Syria: New Late Cretaceous (Coniacian-Santonian) elasmosaurid remains from the Palmyrides mountain chainCretaceous Research, 159, 105871. [PDF]
[20] dos Santos DM, Carvalho JC, Oliveira CEM, Andrade MB, Santucci RM (2024). Cranial and postcranial anatomy of a juvenile baurusuchid (Notosuchia, Crocodylomorpha) and the taxonomical implications of ontogeny. The Anatomical record. DOI: 10.1002/ar.25419. [PDF]
[22] Ruiz JV, Kyriakouli C, Hansen C, Gundlach C, Ferreira GS, Machado FA, Godoy PL, Castro MC, Montefeltro FC (2024). The Fossils of Speothos pacivorus (Carnivora: Canidae) at the Peter Lund/Quaternary Collection of the Natural History Museum of Denmark. MorphoMuseuM, 10, e229. [PDF] [Open Data]


[18] Farina BM, Godoy PL, Benson RBJ, Langer MC, Ferreira GS (2023). Turtle body size evolution is determined by lineage-specific specializations rather than global trends. Ecology and Evolution, 13, e10201. [Pré-print] [PDF] [Open Data] [Divulgação]
[19] Smith JA, Raja NB, Clements T, Dimitrijević D, Dowding EM, Dunne EM, Gee BM, Godoy PL, Lombardi EM, Mulvey LPA, Nätscher PS, Reddin CJ, Shirley B, Warnock RCM, Kocsis AT (2023). Increasing the equitability of data citation in paleontology: Capacity building for the big data future. Paleobiology. DOI: 10.1017/pab.2023.33. [PDF] [Open Data]

Artigos publicados antes do MacroPaleo Lab

[15] Dunne EM, Farnsworth A, Benson RBJ, Godoy PL, Greene SE, Valdes PJ, Lunt DJ, Butler RJ (2022). Climatic controls on the ecological ascendancy of dinosaurs. Current Biology, 33, 206–214. [PDF] [Divulgação] [Open Data]
[17] Jones LA, Gearty W, Allen BJ, Eichenseer K, Dean CD, Galván S, Kouvari M, Godoy PL, Nicholl CSC, Buffan L, Dillon EM, Flannery-Sutherland JT, Chiarenza AA (2023). palaeoverse: a community-driven R package to support palaeobiological analysis. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 14, 2205–2215. [Pré-print] [PDF] [Video abstract] [Open Data] [Open Software]
[16] Wilberg E, Godoy PL, Griffiths EF, Turner AH, Benson RBJ (2023). A new early diverging thalattosuchian (Crocodylomorpha) from the Early Jurassic (Pliensbachian) of Dorset, UK and implications for the origin and evolution of the group. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 42, e2161909. [PDF] [Divulgação]
[14] Fachini TS, Godoy PL, Marsola JCA, Montefeltro FC, Langer MC (2022). A large-sized mesoeucrocodylian from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil with possible neosuchian affinities. Historical Biology, 35, 1817–1830. [PDF] [Divulgação 1] [Divulgação 2]
[02] Godoy PL*, Bronzati M*, Eltink E, Marsola JCA, Cidade GM, Langer MC, Montefeltro FC (2016). Postcranial anatomy of Pissarrachampsa sera (Crocodyliformes, Baurusuchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil: insights on lifestyle and phylogenetic significance. PeerJ, 4, e2075. (*contribuíram igualmente). [PDF] [Divulgação/entrevista]
[07] Montefeltro FC, Lautenschlager S, Godoy PL, Ferreira GS, Butler RJ (2020). A unique predator in a unique ecosystem: modelling the apex predator from the Late Cretaceous crocodyliform-dominated fauna in Brazil. Journal of Anatomy, 237, 323–333. [Pré-print] [PDF] [Reconhecimento]
[08] Godoy PL, Cidade GM, Montefeltro FC, Langer MC, Norell MA (2020). Redescription and phylogenetic affinities of the caimanine Eocaiman cavernensis (Crocodylia, Alligatoroidea) from the Eocene of Argentina. Papers in Palaeontology, 7, 1205–1231. [PDF] [Prêmio] [Open Data]
[12] Langer MC*, Godoy PL* (2022). So volcanoes created the dinosaurs? A quantitative characterization of the early evolution of terrestrial Pan-Aves. Frontiers in Earth Science, 10, 899562. (*contribuíram igualmente) [PDF] [Open Data]
[11] Bestwick J, Godoy PL, Maidment, SCR, Ezcurra MD, Wroe M, Raven TJ, Bonsor, JA, Butler RJ (2022). Relative skull size evolution in Mesozoic archosauromorphs: potential drivers and morphological uniqueness of erythrosuchid archosauriforms. Palaeontology, 65, e12599. [PDF] [Reconhecimento]
[13] Paiva ALS, Godoy PL, Souza RBB, Klein W, Hsiou AS (2022). Body size estimation of Caimaninae specimens from the Miocene of South America. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 118, 103970. [PDF] [Open Data]
[09] Godoy PL, Turner AH (2020). Body size evolution in crocodylians and their extinct relatives. In: eLS, 1, 442–452. [PDF]
[10] Benson RBJ, Godoy PL, Bronzati M, Butler RJ, Gearty W (2022). Reconstructed evolutionary patterns for crocodile-line archosaurs demonstrate impact of failure to log-transform body size data. Communications Biology, 5, 171. [Pré-print] [PDF] [Open Data]
[03] Godoy PL, Ferreira GS, Montefeltro FC, Vila Nova BC, Butler RJ, Langer MC (2018). Evidence for heterochrony in the cranial evolution of fossil crocodyliforms. Palaeontology, 61, 543–558. [PDF] [Divulgação] [Open Data]
[04] Mannion PD, Chiarenza AA, Godoy PL, Cheah YN (2019). Spatiotemporal sampling patterns in the 230 million year fossil record of terrestrial crocodylomorphs and their impact on diversity. Palaeontology, 62, 615–637. [PDF] [Open Data]
[05] Godoy PL, Benson RBJ, Bronzati M, Butler RJ (2019). The multi-peak adaptive landscape of crocodylomorph body size evolution. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 19, 167. [Pré-print] [PDF]
[06] Godoy PL (2019). Crocodylomorph cranial shape evolution and its relationship with body size and ecology. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 33, 4–21. [Pré-print] [PDF] [Reconhecimento]

Outras publicações

[05] 500 Women Scientists, Earth Science Women’s Network, Pal(a)eoPERCS, Aspen Global Change Institute (2023). Guide to Inclusive Scientific Meetings 2023 (where to begin)- 500 Women Scientists. [PDF]
[04] Bhatia R, Burke J, Godoy PL, Sekhon N, Hall C, Sibert E (2022). A global palaeo-science community: an interview with Pal(a)eoPERCS. Communications Biology, 5, 978. [PDF]
[03] Godoy PL (2019). Climate change created today’s large crocodiles. The Conversation.
[02] Benson RBJ, Godoy PL (2019). Evolution: much on the menu for ancient crocs. Current Biology, 29, PR683–R685. [PDF]
[01] Godoy PL, Ferreira GS, Dassie ECG, Corrêa ACM, Hsiou AS (2017). Formação continuada no ensino de Paleontologia, pelo exemplo do projeto “Oficina de Paleontologia: os fósseis dentro da sala de aula”. Revista de Cultura e Extensão USP, 17 (supl.), 11–19. [PDF]
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